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2011. Delsuc, Frédéric, Vizcaíno, Sergio F., and Douzery, Emmanuel J. P. BACKGROUND: Comparative genomic data among organisms allow the reconstruction of their phylogenies and evolutionary time scales. Molecular timings ... BMC Evolutionary Biology. Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier and Departamento Científico Paleontología de Vertebrados, Museo de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina*.
2011. Tsagkogeorga, Georgia, Turon, Xavier, Galtier, Nicolas, Douzery, Emmanuel J. P., and Delsuc, Frédéric. Phylogenomics has recently revealed that tunicates represent the sister-group of vertebrates in the newly defined clade Olfactores. However, phylog... Journal of Molecular Evolution. University of Montpellier.
2010. Möller-Krull, Maren, Delsuc, Frédéric, Churakov, Gennady, Marker, Claudia, Superina, Mariella, Brosius, Jürgen, Douzery, Emmanuel J. P., and Schmitz, Jürgen. Armadillos, anteaters, and sloths (Order Xenarthra) comprise 1 of the 4 major clades of placental mammals. Isolated in South America from the other... Molecular Biology and Evolution.
2011. Singh, Tiratha R., Tsagkogeorga, Georgia, Delsuc, Frédéric, Blanquart, Samuel, Shenkar, Noa, Loya, Lossi, Douzery, Emmanuel J. P., and Huchon, Dorothée. BACKGROUND: Tunicates represent a key metazoan group as the sister-group of vertebrates within chordates. The six complete mitochondrial genomes av... BMC Genomics. Tel Aviv University, French National Centre for Scientific Research, and Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics.
2011. Tsagkogeorga, Georgia, Turon, Xavier, Hopcroft, Russell R., Tilak, Marie-Ka, Feldstein, Tamar, Shenkar, Noa, Loya, Yossi, Huchon, Dorothée, Douzery, Emmanuel J. P., and Delsuc, Frédéric. BACKGROUND: Tunicates have been recently revealed to be the closest living relatives of vertebrates. Yet, with more than 2500 described species, de... BMC Evolutionary Biology. French National Centre for Scientific Research, Spanish National Research Council, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Tel Aviv University.
2013. Rubinstein, Nimrod D., Feldstein, Tamar, Shenkar, Noa, Botero-Castro, Fidel, Griggio, Francesca, Mastrototaro, Francesco, Delsuc, Frédéric, Douzery, Emmanuel J. P., Gissi, Carmela, and Huchon, Dorothée. Ascidians or sea squirts form a diverse group within chordates, which includes a few thousand members of marine sessile filter-feeding animals. The... Genome Biology and Evolution.