Show simple item record Wachter, Gregor A. Arthofer, Wolfgang Dejaco, Thomas Rinnhofer, Lukas J. Steiner, Florian M. Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C. 2012-10-12T18:54:17Z 2012-10-23T18:49:29Z 2012-10-12
dc.identifier doi:10.5061/dryad.t2k1b/2
dc.description This sequence file provides the final 840 bp Alignment of 144 individuals from three populations. Sequences were edited manually and aligned by Clustal W.
dc.relation.ispartof doi:10.5061/dryad.t2k1b
dc.subject Insects
dc.subject Phylogeography
dc.subject Life History Evolution
dc.subject Population Genetics - Empirical
dc.title mtDNA Alignment
dc.type Dataset *
dwc.ScientificName Machilis pallida
dc.type.embargo untilArticleAppears
internal.workflow.submitted true
.dryad.pageviews 221
.dryad.downloads 63

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