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Title Stuart_etal_dataframes.RData
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Description This R workspace image contains two dataframes, one for anoles and one for terraranans. Each data frame contains pairwise environmental dissimilarity and species turnover values for island and mainland sub regions. The columns are: | geo_dist: geographic distance between sampling areas | climelev.pc.dist: environmental distance between sampling areas from a pca on environmental variables and elevation | log.area.diff: the difference in log area between sampling areas | sor: Sorensen's index of species turnover | jac: jaccard's index | comp.type: Identifies measures as mainland-mainland (m.m), mainland-island (i.m), or island-island (i.i) | comp.nums: identifies the corresponding sampling areas, which are mapped in the accompanying ArcGIS grids in the file
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Title Stuart_etal_sample_areas
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Description | This compressed folder contains two ArcGIS grids: ter_m_i_samp (Terraranans) and an_m_i_samp (anoles). Each grid shows the mainland range of the relevant clade (values of 1.0), mainland sampled areas (50xxx) and islands included in the analysis(60xxx)
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When using this data, please cite the original publication:

Stuart YE, Losos JB, Algar AC (2012) The island-mainland species turnover relationship. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279(1744): 4071-4077.

Additionally, please cite the Dryad data package:

Stuart YE, Losos JB, Algar AC (2012) Data from: The island-mainland species turnover relationship. Dryad Digital Repository.
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