Show simple item record Andras, Jason Rypien, Krystal Harvell, Catherine 2012-10-10T19:00:15Z 2012-12-13T15:41:14Z 2012-10-10
dc.identifier doi:10.5061/dryad.c8m2k/3
dc.description ***README: This is a matrix of pairwise dispersal probabiliteis between sampling regions used in the manuscript entitled "Range-wide population genetic structure of the Caribbean sea fan coral, Gorgonia ventalina" by Andras JP, Rypien KL, & Harvell CD, published in Molecular Ecology in 2012. The first first column contains the region name. The second column contains the localities averaged within that region (locality numbers correspond to Table 1 of the manuscript). Column three and the top row contain the numerical designation for each region. All other cells contain pairwise annual average dispersal probabilities between regions, given as [log(dispersal probability +1)]. The matrix is asymmetrical, meaning the values are not identical across the diagonal. To compare this matrix to measures of genetic distance, bidirectional dispersal probabilites can be averaged to generate a lower triangular matrix, or the asymmetric matrix below can be compared to a full-square symmetric matrix of genetic distances. Please direct any questions regarding these data to Jason Andras at
dc.relation.ispartof doi:10.5061/dryad.c8m2k
dc.subject <i>Gorgonia ventalina</i>
dc.subject coral
dc.subject <i>Symbiodinium</i>
dc.subject population genetics
dc.subject seascape genetics
dc.subject Caribbean
dc.title Average annual dispersal probability by region
dc.type Dataset *
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